About Us

What is our name? How do you even say our name? What is our brand? Who are we?

You might've clicked on this post because you want to learn more about us... or just to figure out how to even pronounce our name. Well, you have come to the right place.

Our name is LucyVII7, or more specifically said 'lucy seventy-seven'. Lucille, or Lucy, has been a name that has been passed down along our owner's family, which has been held by influential women in her life - so she wanted to keep it going. She wanted the store to be about women in all positive ways possible. The number VII7 (or seventy-seven) has a story, but to put it shortly, the number represents hope, love, empowerment, and courage. And that is exactly what we hope our brand encompasses for our women audience.

We are an online-only boutique for women. We want our brand to hold true to our values:

  • Dependable: We want to be a boutique that you can rely on. We always will do our best to respond to our customers comments and requests in a timely manner, and we try to fulfill our customers' wishes as much as possible.
  • Kind: Being based in Missouri, we have the Midwest mindset - kindness is love and it is always fashionable.
  • Casual: We want our clothes to represent a casual style, which holds a bit of fun and a variety of clothing that appeals for women across all ages.

LucyVII7 was started by a mother-daughter team, and it continues to be a great journey for them. To get to know the team, you can head on over to "Meet Our Team".


The Lucy Team

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