Travel may be restricted this year, but it is not completely out of the question!

My small family and I have used the chance this summer to explore sights close to us, that we have put off in the past as being something that "we could always do", but yet never have (oops). For this reason, it's been super nice to have this backpack (as seen in the side picture) from LucyVII7 - The Take A Detour Backpack.

You may notice that it is packed full to the max in the picture... which is incidentally the aftermath of a day discovering different sights and purchasing many things (oops, again). With that said, what I like the most about this bag is the SPACE. It can hold a lot for those day travels! It can hold the necessities in the side pocket -- wallet, keys, lip balm, etc. -- and bigger items in the main section. When we travel with our dog, the backpack is perfect for holding his snacks and portable water bowl PLUS the items I have bought from my (apparent) shopping spree. So not only is the backpack very cute and stylish, but also the space in it can be maximized to its full potential (and it still zips!).

I really can recommend this backpack for anyone. It is perfect for travel and for your everyday activities, all while being very complimentary to your outfit! AND right now there is a summer sale until September 4th, 2020 - where you can buy one get one free on any of the Take a Detour Collection.

My tip: For added flair, I also tied a scarf to the handle of the backpack to give it a bit more color and also, as an additional accessory to use later if I feel my outfit lacks something.

A Pleased LucyVII7 Customer & Travel Lover,